What makes a sports team great?

Have you ever wondered what makes the great sports teams great? Whilst teams may include exceptionally talented individuals and adopt differing styles and systems of play, there is one underlying attribute of all players in the truly great teams - Supreme Fitness.

How do these players achieve such a peak of fitness? Well that’s down to hard work and following an effective fitness programme with proper monitoring. That’s where TeamFitnessTracking can help your sports teams.

Daily Load

What is TeamFitnessTracking?

TeamFitnessTracking is a powerful, easy to use team-based fitness monitoring solution. It gives team members the ability to record fitness sessions using the proven session RPE (sRPE) method. This data can then be analysed by team coaches and sports science staff to highlight potential issues of 'overtraining' or 'undertraining'.

Weekly Load

The following are some of the key features of TeamFitnessTracking:

  • Recording of fitness session information
  • Recording of match information
  • Recording of daily metrics
  • Weekly overview of fitness sessions and match data
  • Graphical view of Daily and Weekly player load data
  • Ability for coaches to view player data for their team
  • Ability for sport scientist/club management to view data for all players
  • Ability for administrator to configure teams, players, fitness activities
  • Ability for sports scientist to configure optimum training load per team/age group
  • Role based access (Administrator, Head Coach, Team Coach, Player)
  • Automatic weekly coach report emails
  • Optimised for use on mobile devices
  • Real time data entry
  • Secure, user friendly and accessible 24/7
  • Website branded using your club's colours